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It starts when you /imagine...

Imagine is the ultimate coloring book course created by Katharyne Shelton and Isaac Gonzalez, the creators of Tangent Templates and a whole host of groundbreaking creative courses including Curate, Cultivate, Magic Formulas, T-Shirt Revolutionaries, and our original Coloring Book Masterclass!

Katharyne's latest obsession is AI and since Midjourney burst onto the scene last year, she has used it relentlessly to generate over 60,000 prompts and has been busy publishing stacks of coloring books (and planners, journals, magazines, t-shirts, clipart and so much more!)

Our newest course dives deep into the revolutionary technology of Midjourney to explore how to create and sell a coloring book that is beautiful, has a unique style and is niched to a clear target audience.

With eight hours of jampacked video content (and more planned!), this course will bring you up to expert level in Midjourney and immerse you in ideas and a blue ocean of emerging trends and original niches!

Not only that, you get access to a wealth of exclusive, great software to give you the the best shot at success…. and stacks of done-for-you-research including data-informed, AI powered predictions for next year!

course preview
" OK people - my mind is officially blown now. I have been through the entire course (including both interviews - wow!) and just now started a deep dive into the Resources and Research Pack. To say that there is absolutely nothing missing from Imagine is an understatement of the most gigantic proportion. Thank-you Katharyne and Isaac - both for restoring my faith in online business mentors and for giving me the tools and techniques to change my financial world. 💘💘💘 "

Tangent Crystal

Crystallize your images - no more grays, no more blurriness!

Course members also get early, lifetime access to the beta version of Tangent Crystal, our brand new, exclusive software designed to make your coloring pages crystal clear in black and white. NO MORE GREY - anywhere! No pixelation! And no need for upscaling. All the coloring images you see on this site have been created with Midjourney and processed with ONLY Tangent Crystal. It's what Katharyne uses for all her coloring books now. No Photoshop or Illustrator necessary.

tangent crystal
Removes ALL gray/shading
No upscaler needed
Eraser removes unwanted artifacts
" I'm currently going through the Imagine course videos. Wow - I'm blown away by the awesome content. Only just starting and I already have so many ideas... The Tangent Crystal software is amazing! Thanks Katharyne and Isaac for the wonderful work you do and sharing your gifts with the world. You both are inspiration and blessing for so many.... So happy to be here and share my journey with all of you ❤️🙏🍀 "
elephant coloring page

A coloring book in a day

With the information and tools in Imagine, we believe you can make a whole coloring book in a day from scratch. Maybe more than one book!

There's even a full over the shoulder walkthrough showing Katharyne's process, from the first /imagine prompt through to uploading and publishing the book on KDP. She also delves into ChatGPT, showing how to use it to overcome any writing or inspirational blocks along the way so you can work at lightning speed and full creative power.

prompt catalogue image preivew

Prompt Catalogue

We give you hundreds of exclusive prompts in our illustrated and tagged online prompt catalogue which showcases Katharyne's favorite coloring book prompts whether you're looking for mandalas, horror, fairies, something cute for kids or something a little more unusual! This tool is a huge timesaver - explore dozens of different styles and ideas at a glance, then swipe and adapt them for your own books!

Prompt Builder

Our unique prompt builder tool is designed to make prompting for coloring books fun and simple! Pick from our massive, categorized lists of subjects, styles and compositions to generate your own unique style with a few clicks. Or hit the random button if you're feeling lucky. The hit rate of this tool is incredible as it's tailored specifically for coloring styles that look good in Midjourney. Isaac couldn't stop playing with it after he built it! “Wow!” - Isaac

prompt builder image preview
" I bought Tangent Templates ages ago and it has more than paid for itself. I have Imagine now for a few days and it turns out: It is a license to print money 🙂 I don't usually like video courses, but in this case I watched all the videos and even though I've been around KDP and Midjourney for a while, I learned a lot. The videos and all the material is to the point and structured super well. I think only in hyphen-hyphen and I'm annoyed that I have to sleep a little every day 🙂 I'm not an affiliate - just extremely excited and super grateful for this tool and course! "

The Secrets of a Million Dollar Coloring Book Superstar!

We're so excited that we're able to bring you a brand new for 2023 in-depth interview with Kathryn Lowe AKA Sasha O'Hara, the now legendary coloring book creator who took Katharyne's original coloring book course and was inspired to create the bestseller ‘Calm The F*** Down.' That book made over a million dollars in royalties, launched a whole series of sequels, a huge European publishing deal and laid the foundation for a whole industry of ‘sweary' coloring books! 55 hilarious minutes of Katharyne and Kathryn talking about Sasha's path to creating a million dollar coloring book. How she came up with the idea, the key steps she took to market her book… and what we all want to know… how it feels to make a million with a book! Plus, she talks about what she's doing now - and how coloring books enabled her to get there and follow her dreams!

“If you're in any doubt there is still a market for coloring books, I reveal the book I created this year which sold 89 organic copies in the first few weeks it went on sale, and share what I learned from that. You'll laugh when you hear the topic because it really shows the value of creating what you love!”
- Katharyne Shelton
research pack

Research Pack

This is huge! The research pack begins with hard data - hundreds of top selling coloring products on Etsy, gathered in July 2023. The data has then been thoroughly analysed using AI to give you detailed information on emerging trends, niches and even predictions for next year. Not only that, we give you hundreds of original book titles and concepts you can try in a variety of genres. Plus… keywords galore with search volume data from Google!

We promise you will never be stuck for an idea and that's before you get into the course itself.

The Course

The course is divided into multiple sections:
example 1
Niches and Trends

Katharyne teaches these concepts like no-one else. She breaks down her NEST formula and shows how you can use it to identify great niches and trends for your coloring books. Explore why these books are so popular and what makes them sell. Two hours of tightly edited video dedicated to niche-hunting will rush by as Katharyne hurtles through dozens of unusual methods for finding niches and emerging trends, generating and demonstrating a wealth of specific ideas along the way. (And these niche-spotting skills will be valuable for much more than coloring books!

example 3

Who doesn't love a prompt?

Katharyne shares hundreds of them in the prompt catalogue and resources, not holding anything back. But so much more importantly, in the course videos, she shows you how she got there, starting with the basics of building a prompt through to over-the-shoulder, in-depth case studies, showing her process as she generates and develops coloring book pages. She encourages you to think like an artist, exploring the three core elements of an image - subject, composition and style - and how to get Midjourney to use those elements to get beautiful results.

example 3

This section of the course is broken down into four separate methods for creating stunning covers simply using Midjourney and Tangent Templates - no Photoshop required! Katharyne includes a wealth of examples and tips with some advanced prompting techniques that'll make you say, “I didn't know Midjourney could do THAT!”

example 4
ChatGPT /

Through the course, Katharyne shares some valuable methods for working with ChatGPT (or to generate Midjourney prompts, keywords and much more. Some of her prompts are mindblowing - in one tutorial you will learn how to discover and test a wide variety of coloring book styles in minutes!

example 5

An over the shoulder walkthrough of the whole process of publishing your book. Approximately an hour and twenty minutes which covers the whole process, starting with prompting for colorable images, processing them with Crystal, building your interior with Tangent Templates using our exclusive ‘Picture Book' tool, designing a cover and finally publishing your book on Amazon's KDP platform.

We also include stacks of cheat sheets, a marketing checklist loaded with great ideas, a whole bunch of printable PDFs with helpful tips… and much more!

“And knowing Isaac and Katharyne, this is just the beginning. Expect new videos, interviews, updates and goodies along the way! Last time they created a course like this, they gave away so many goodies to their members, they ended up building Tangent Templates, the premier KDP publishing software which lets you build and publish books from scratch in minutes!”

And if you don't already have TT, it's included in this Imagine bundle at a discounted price!

Tangent Templates

Tangent Templates is the premier tool for creating low and medium content books and is designed by Isaac and Katharyne, specifically for KDP. The Picture Book tool makes the process of creating coloring books easy and fast - just upload your folder of images and Picture Book will format them into a book for you. Want to create a colorable journal or planner? We have all the templates you’ll need! And our cover designer makes creating a cover super simple! No worrying about margins, bleed or any of the fiddly parts of creating a book, we do all the calculations for you so you can create a finished book in any KDP trim size in minutes.

If you don't have Tangent Templates, it is included in the Imagine bundle at a discount price.

If you have TT already, simply uncheck the box on the checkout screen and buy the course standalone at a reduced price!

Tangent Templates


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